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About Us

The Society of Masters is a membership organisation, a training provider, and an End-Point Assessor. Part of a long tradition of Guilds or Liveries going back to the 1100s, the SMS was started by and for a group of retailing Master Saddlers in 1966. It has since developed into an international organisation representing not only retailers but individual craft saddlers and saddle and bridle fitters, as well as manufacturers and suppliers to the trade.

We have nearly 600 members in 15 different countries.

Our Vision

Supporting a prosperous UK saddlery industry, informed by research, and pursuing the highest standards, where the welfare of the horse, howsoever employed, is paramount.


We are the first point of call for anyone considering working in the saddlery industry, to make or fit saddles, bridles, or harness.
We design and deliver world-leading saddle fitting and bridle fitting training pathways and courses
The Society is the End Point Assessor for Leather skills Level L2
With the generous support of the Saddlers Company , we run the annual National Saddlery Competition
One quarter of our members, and one third of our Qualified Fitters are international
There are 200 SMS Qualified and Registered Saddle Fitters in the UK, and 100 internationally