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Our Partners

We are so proud to be members of the National Equine Welfare Council.  The overall aim of NEWC aligns perfectly with our own with regards to improving equine welfare and education of both our members and the wider equine community on improving equine welfare standards.
Since its inception in 1977, as a forum for like-minded equine charities to share ideas and welfare concerns, the National Equine Welfare Council C.I.C. has become a nationally recognised and respected member body that unifies the sector on matters of welfare concern.
It is the NEWC’s mission to protect the welfare of the horse, pony, donkey and mule by ensuring that everyone who has an interest or association with an equine makes its health and welfare the overriding factor in all decision making.
It is NEWC’s mission to raise awareness of equine welfare issues and to help improve equine welfare standards nationwide.

NEWC membership provides an assurance to both the public and the industry that equine welfare is the priority. Through working collaboratively with the industry and its members, NEWC is committed to improving efficiency through sharing information and resources.
Streamlining education, regulation and enforcement initiatives are NEWC key objectives to ensure horse welfare standards steadily improve.
The NEWC network is very wide with over 70 members throughout the UK which include equine welfare charities large and small as well as a multitude of organisations from the equestrian and veterinary sectors of the equine industry.

Saddlers Company
A not for profit City of London Livery Company, committed to saddlery, equestrianism and education. The Worshipful Company of Saddlers has long supported the SMS in achieving our mutual goals of protecting horse welfare, and supporting the Saddlery Industry.

Worshipful Company of Loriners
Supporting both SMS Bridle Fitting courses, and the Walsall Leather Skills Training Centre, The Loriners Company main activities centre around the City of London, the Lorinery trade, education, and charity.

The British Equestrian Trade Association and the SMS co-produce the Saddle Fitting Introduction course, are aligned in the goals to protect horse welfare and rider safety, and represent many of the same retail and trade businesses.

Hartpury College & University
Working together on education for the next generation of equine professionals as well as SMS members, and pursuing research to inform how saddlery is designed and fitted.

City & Guilds
We have a long history with the City & Guilds, an educational institution in the UK that develops and oversees a national system of technical education.

British Horse Society
The SMS are delighted to support the work of the BHS, particularly in attending Conventions and training establishment inspectors. We work closely with British Riding Clubs to make saddlery-fit education and material available to their members.

BE Member Bodies
With Saddlers Company support we enjoy delivering saddlery fit training for riders and coaches belonging to BE disciplines and other bodies, inducing the Pony Club and RDA.

Redwings and HorseTrust
The SMS are delighted to be working with the HorseTrust and Redwings to develop a course on horse welfare for our members. With an understanding of legislation and key welfare organisations they will be better placed to advice clients and support horse welfare.

Working together to deliver saddlery-fit education