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About the Society of Master Saddlers

The Society of Master Saddlers (UK) Ltd was formed in 1966 to serve as a Trade Association for the craft retail saddler, but has since embraced all aspects of the Trade. The Society's aims are to safeguard the quality of work, services, training and qualifications of all those who work in the saddlery trade from manufacturers and retailers through individual craftspeople and saddle fitters.

Incoming President Ted Boggis with new Vice President Bea Blakeman.


The SMS exists:
"To encourage the wellbeing and good husbandry of the horse through the manufacture, provision and expert fitting of saddlery, incorporating the latest peer-reviewed research."
"To be the world-wide authority in the empathetic and correct use of saddlery which maximises the comfort of equines engaged in social, sporting and work activities."

To become this, the SMS will:
1. Engage cooperatively with other organisations involved in the welfare and use of animals;
2. Encourage the correct management and riding of equines by children and adults;
3. Set standards for the manufacture, fitting and maintenance of saddlery;
4. Provide and assist in the training of persons entering the saddlery trade, encouraging them to aspire to the highest standards. Be the professional body for these persons;
5. Collaborate with academic and research centres to advance the knowledge of, and improvement to, rider, saddlery and equine interaction, keeping the interests of the horse paramount.
6. Extend its influence within Walsall and abroad.

How the SMS will do this:
1. Continue and extend relationships with Worshipful Company of Saddlers, BETA, BHS, AHT, SRT, etc
2. Lectures, demonstrations, workshops organised by the SMS Exec and individual members.
3. City & Guilds, and other accreditation bodies.
4. Develop and improve our own training, introduce new strands into existing academic training.
5. Develop programmes with research organisations.
6. Develop a programme for the support of overseas branches. 
7. Continue efforts to involve UK saddlery manufacturers and support initiatives from the Worshipful Company of Saddlers."

Ted Boggis
SMS President 2019/20