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BHS Conversations – How well does your horse’s bit fit?

If using a bit, ensuring it fits correctly is crucial for your horse’s comfort and wellbeing. When fitted and introduced correctly a bit can be used comfortably as a communication tool between horse and rider. To learn more about bit fit, our very own Vice President and qualified bit and bridle fitter, Catherine Baker along with Equine Veterinary Dentist Dr Chris Pearce from the Equine Dental Clinic talk to Gabrielle Madders, Horse Care & Welfare Campaigns Officer from the BHS. In this open conversation they put horse welfare at the forefront, highlighting the importance of listening to your horse and looking out for signs of resistance, pain or injury, ensuring support is sought and adaptations made if necessary. They also talk about checking your horse’s mouth weekly for any early signs of injury and seeking support from a SMS qualified bit fitter or registered equine dentist should issues arise

Posted in Fitting Resources, Welfare