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Feedback & Complaints Policy

This policy sets out the Society of Master Saddler’s approach for handling customer feedback including compliments and complaints about their Members, their staff and their policies.

We want to ensure that when Members and/or consumers tell us that they are satisfied or dissatisfied with goods or a service provided by our Members, we and our Members respond in a timely and appropriate way.

We will ensure that the customer feedback process is accessible, easy to read and that the information we publish is accurate and up to date.   We will ensure that the information is clear and that we, The Society of Master Saddlers and our Members respond within a reasonable timescale wherever possible.  All feedback will be dealt with fairly, in an open and impartial way.

Our aim is to ensure that all customer feedback is handled in a consistent, fair and appropriate manner and that a clear process is followed.

Before progressing please check that the person or company about whom you wish to submit Feedback or a complaint is a member of the Society.  Go to FIND A MEMBER


How to share feedback about an SMS member or staff.

Complaints Process


This section sets out the full SMS Complaints handling process, from Stage 1 to Stage 4.

Stage 1

Expression of Dissatisfaction/Grievance

Stage 2

SMS Mediation

Stage 3

Review by Complaints Committee

Stage 4

Rights of Appeal

Additional Information