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New Zealand Introductory Saddle Fitting

Date: 24th & 25th November 2018
Venue: Ambury Park RDA Centre, 66 Wellesley Road, Mangere Bridge, Auckland, 2151

Length Of Course:
2 Days

£475 = (ca.NZ$ 895) The fee will be invoiced and charged in £ Sterling.

Fee includes:
Two full days of theory and practical lectures.  Lunch and refreshments (Accommodation is not included).

Object of the course:
To make available the basic principles of the SMS recommended saddle fitting system to members of the equestrian industry.

Course Outline
1. Tree Design and Types of Leather.
2. Identifying Faults in Saddles.
3. Physiology of the Horse's Back.
4. Horse Identification and Maintaining Records.
5. Safe Handling of the Horse.
6. Anatomy of the Horse.
7. The Horse in Movement.
8. Principles of Saddle Fitting.
9. Present and 'run up' the horse. Movement and Conformation.
10. Horse Description and Completing the Record Form.
11. Practical Back Assessment.
12. Template taking.
13. Practical Saddle Fitting of a variety of horses

Criteria for attendance:
The course is open to all who have an interest in saddle fitting or want to increase their knowledge to assist in an equine related profession.
This course is a pre-requisite for booking onto the SMS course to become a qualified saddle fitter.  Suitable for equine bodyworkers, equine health professionals, saddle fitter trainees, retail stores, trainers and more (please enquire if you are uncertain whether you can attend).

Please note:
This course does not lead to a qualification, however a certificate of
attendance will be presented and eligible candidates will be able to
progress to the ‘Qualification’ course which takes place in the UK.
(Further information on the qualification course is available on

Application Form pdf

Please complete and return the application form to register your interest in attending.

Contact details:
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