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Saddle Fitting Explained

As a result of the increasing interest in the subject of saddle fitting, the Society of Master Saddlers commissioned Take One Productions Ltd. of Horsham, West Sussex, to produce a video entitled "Saddle Fitting Explained", which is available from the Society office.

The video / DVD is designed to make the horse-owner aware of the importance of a correctly fitted saddle - a saddle that is comfortable for both horse and rider - enabling the full potential of the chosen discipline to be realised.

Presented by Alice Plunkett, with contributions from Jeremy Michaels and William Fox-Pitt, the video includes a brief history of man's relationship with the horse, a description by Stewart Hastie MRCVS of the horse's skeleton and moves on to show the construction of the saddle and explain the factors that control its correct fitting. The video is available as a DVD at the recommended price of £10.95 including postage in the U.K. It runs for approx. 25 minutes.

If you would like a copy of the DVD please forward a cheque to:
The Society of Master Saddlers
Green Lane Farm,
Stowmarket, Suffolk,
IP14 5DS

Copies are also available in an NTSC format Video (£10.95 plus relevant postage).