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Qualified Saddle Fitting Course

23/10/2023 9:00 am

26/10/2023 5:00 pm

Criteria For Attendance

Candidates should fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • Have previously attended the SMS Introductory Course in saddle fitting or submit details of formal saddle fitting courses attended and it will be considered whether these can be taken as equivalent to the Introductory Course.
  • Be in full time employment with a fully paid up retail or trade member of the Society of Master Saddlers (UK) Ltd or be a member in their own right
  • or non-member UK submit written recommendations for attendance from two SMS members (from a minimum of 2 membership categories, at least one of which must be a UK trade / manufacturing member) or Overseas delegates who are fitting on a regular basis.  Priority for places will be given to those fitting saddles supplied by a UK manufacturing member.
  • Be, or have the services of, a fully qualified saddler holding Level 3 City & Guilds saddlery qualifications to carry out major saddle flocking and adjustments or have major alterations carried out by manufacturing member.
  • Have three years’ experience in saddle fitting before sitting the assessment  (Fulfilment of this criteria is recommended as the level of assessment requires that applicants are experienced saddle fitters.)
  • Hold the Society’s Saddle Flocking qualification or have arrangements in place to complete this unit of the qualification (Further information available on request)


Candidates will be assessed on the following procedures:

401 Saddle assessment and fault identification
402 Conformation, movement and condition of horses for saddle fitting
403 Taking a template
404 Saddle fitting
405 Saddle flocking and flocking adjustments
410 Synoptic written exam

Candidates who have previously achieved the Certificate in Flocking and Flocking Adjustments
4751-13 will be exempt from taking unit 405 saddle panel reflocking and flocking adjustments as part
of this qualification

On passing Assessment Candidates are awarded the City & Guilds / SMS Certificate in Saddle Fitting. The Qualification Handbook is available here



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