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Steph Bradley

Executive Director

Steph has been in the equestrian industry more than 20 years working as a saddle fitter and coach,  which is quite a big change for her second career as she previously worked in financial services and banking,.  Although quite new to assessing Steph is hoping to go into lecturing, as a rider coach it will be a natural progression, she regularly delivers webinars for the Society and writes copy for educational articles.  Her main focus within the industry is very much education of the public about saddle fit and safeguarding the ridden horse and research to support this.

The monthly Performance Panel Clinic at Steph’s Equestrian Centre, where clients take their horse to be assessed by a team of paraprofessionals including a Vet, Vet Chiropractor, Farriers with a gait assessment tool,  a Human Physio, Feed Adviser and Steph as both Rider Symmetry Coach and Saddle Fitter show Steph’s eagerness to safeguard the ridden horse through teamwork. It’s a dynamic and incredible day from an equine welfare and CPD perspective.  The outcomes have all been positive for the horses attending.