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Craft Training Providers

There are different routes to gain City & Guild qualifications in Saddlery. You can study full- or part-time at Capel Manor College in Enfield; gain a Craft or Trade apprenticeship; or attend short courses in your own time as life allows.

Qualification Training Providers

A full or part time course at Capel Manor can lead to a career in saddlery or leatherworking trades. Many students go on to put the skills and knowledge gained to good use in an apprenticeship. Apprentices will attend courses at either the Saddlery Training Centre or Walsall Leather Skills Training Centre.


An apprenticeship is one of the most effective ways to embark on a career in saddlery craft or trade, and comprises a job with practical training and study. The first step is to gain an apprenticeship position with a a suitable employer. Visit our Member Directory to find a Master Saddler or Master Harness Maker near you, and our Trade Member page which lists saddlery manufacturers.

For help and advice about contacting potential employers and applying for an apprenticeship please contact The Saddlery Training Centre, Walsall Leather Skills Centre, or the Society of Master Saddlers. You can send a message to any of these organisations by using the form below.

Read more about apprenticeships here.

Independent Training Providers

You may choose to attend courses at independent training providers to:

  1. Gain basic skills before seeking an apprenticeship position in order to secure a placement. Finding a Master can take time as apprenticeships are sought after, and being able to demonstrate prior training can be of benefit.
  2. Enable you to fit training around your current job and life commitments.  Independent training providers can support your learning to City & Guild qualification, however this path is a longer one. Apprenticeships usually last for 4 years, and so gaining skills and, most importantly, experience without a placement is likely to be a long-term undertaking
  3. Gain leathercraft skills for your own enjoyment as a hobby and not for business purposes. Please be aware that saddlery skills should be based on proper instruction and assessment and that practitioners should carry appropriate insurances.

Whilst these centres and trainers are recognised, the Society cannot give any assurances about the training or service provided, nor that training will align with the City & Guilds and  Saddlers Company certificate curricula.

Cirencester Saddlers
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