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International – How To Train

Craft skills

Whilst it is possible to gain training outside the UK which may prepare the student for City & Guilds exams, the assessments and inspection of work can only currently be carried out in the UK.

The Society will assist you to try and plan assessment and training so as to minimise travel to the UK.

Fitting skills

The SMS have developed the Saddle Fitting training pathway and Bridle Fitting training to be accessible by international candidates whilst minimising travel time and expense.

Online webinars and Moodle access, plus learning cohort forums and a mentor programme help to keep candidates in touch with their tutors and fellow students, and allow them to access learning material remotely. It is highly recommended that International candidates attend the in-person courses and modules, and the Society will make every effort to schedule these so as to minimise travel.

Independent Training Providers, International

United States Of America

NASS Courses
1684 Hendershot Road
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Telephone: 774-249-3916


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