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Training Providers

The following organisations are currently running courses for those interested in taking up a career in saddlery. The courses vary in scope and content and up to date information should be sought from each as follows:-

Capel Manor College
Bullsmoor Lane
MIDDLESEX EN1 4RQ Tel: 08456 122122

Capel Manor College courses are full time and are geared towards school leavers, however applications are also welcomed from mature students.

The Saddlery Training Centre
3H Stanley Court, Glenmore Business Park,
Telford Road, Churchfields,
Wilts SP2 7GH
Tel: 01722 341144

The Saddlery Training Centre courses are designed for those who wish to progress with their saddlery training and are run on a week by week basis. They are not suitable for beginners.


An alternative approach for those without previous training is by means of an apprenticeship to a Master Saddler, though finding one who is willing to take an apprentice at the right time and place may not be straightforward. Those who are most successful in finding a placement have gained some prior training in saddlery.

Apprenticeship normally lasts for 4 years, however prior training is taken into account when deciding upon the appropriate length of time to be served. The Apprentice's indenture papers are registered with the Society of Master Saddlers and Worshipful Company of Saddlers in order that any dispute or difference may be arbitrated by the Society. A Visitor is also appointed to oversee the apprentice’s training. On satisfactory completion of the apprenticeship and the attainment of the necessary City& Guilds qualifications the apprentice will receive a Completion Certificate signed by The Worshipful Company of Saddlers.

During the apprenticeship period the Master may wish to send the apprentice on one of the courses mentioned previously at The Saddlery Training Centre as part of their training. A Modern Apprenticeship in Saddlery is also available to those of an appropriate age and in suitable employment Proficiency in the craft of saddlery requires a considerable period of time of training and subsequent experience, however part time courses are available at some of the centres mentioned and there are in addition some private sources of tuition, including the following:-

George MacEachran Master Saddler
18 McArthur Street
PA23 7RA
Tel: 07929 947996

Saddlery Training Scotland
Unit 6 Langlee Workshops,
Marigold Drive, Galashiels
TD1 2LP.
Tel: 01896 750004
Email: philip4training@aol.com

Chris Taylor Master Saddler
Saddlers Den, 60 Norwood Avenue,
Southport, Merseyside,
Tel: 01704 228370

Clive Whereat Master Saddler
26a Melrose Avenue, The Ridge,
Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire
BS37 7AL
Tel: 01454 311206

The Old Kennels Workshop, Cirencester Park,
Tel:  01285 885454

33 Main Street,  Springfield,
Nr. CUPAR,  Fife, KY15 5SQ
Tel:  01334 653386